Animal Flooring

More than 10 years ago Cauchos del Mediterráneo S.A., started up a new line of business making flooring for the stock-breeding sector. In just one decade we have developed a whole range of products marketed under the brand name COWMED that is now one of the company’s most important areas of activity. We have a large selection of mats/bedding for livestock, horse stable flooring and paving for common areas inside and outside such as the milking parlours. The materials we use for this type of product are much better than other conventional materials that are gradually being phased out. Our materials make it easier to maintain the general level of hygiene of the animals as they can be cleaned easily, they provide excellent thermal insulation, they are more comfortable for the animals, therefore there is less stress so the animals’ performance improves. With regard to cows in particular, it helps increase milk production too. The different formats and materials that we have available for our clients satisfy practically all the needs of the sector. We also have various fastening and assembly systems to put the pieces of flooring and paving together so all the normal installation problems can be avoided.