Cauchos del Mediterráneo, since its inception, has been present in the footwear sector. Throughout these years we have managed to develop our products to achieve the highest quality and that is why we are consolidated in a market in which we continue today.

We are specialists in plates for shoes and sneakers, both in manufacturing and repair. Our catalog includes a wide variety of colors, gauges and hardnesses, all of them customizable to your needs. This product is widely used for the manufacture of soles, midsoles, insoles, orthopedic insoles and other components of footwear.

Desing and creativity

At Cauchos del Mediterráneo we make any design possible. We have the latest technology for the development of your designs, which together with the experience of more than 20 years in the sector make us a fully trusted company to produce quality products.

We make quality footwear soles by adjusting customer designs precisely, and advising at all times with possible improvements based on our experience.


The soles in Cauchos del Mediterráneo pass an internal Quality Control process, thus guaranteeing the stability of the soles of a maximum of 1mm, thus avoiding manufacturing losses and at the same time supplying significant economic savings for the final result of the product.