Pavimentos Animales

Animal Pavements

After years of research we have managed to develop a high quality cattle mattress. This product replaces the straw, sand or other elements used to accommodate the stay of the cattle in your barn with a 30mm Rubber mattress specially designed and produced for that purpose.

By and for animals

A dairy cow places most of its weight on the carpal joints when lying down. If this pressure hurts them, they will stay upright too long, disrupting their well-being. In addition, a padded base serves to take care of their udders, from which an average of 32 liters of milk comes out daily.

  • High quality, very durable, thick rubber
  • Seamless closed surface for better cleaning
  • Easy installation, supplied in rolls
  • Great stability due to its own weight – the mat does not fold when the cow is lying down
  • Surface texture that is pleasant to the cow’s skin
  • Reinforced fabric to improve strength and flexibility

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